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Dirty Cat Martini


1 drink


episode 7

The dirtier, the better! If you like your felines filthy, shake up an ice cold, extra briny beverage that's sure to take the edge off. Meeee-oooow!


  • 2½ ounces vodka

  • ½ ounce dry vermouth

  • ¾ to 1½ ounces olive brine (olive juice from jarred olives)

  • olives

  • ice




Step 1

Place a martini glass into the freezer to pre-chill.

Step 2

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Step 3

Add vodka, dry vermouth, and olive brine. Cover cocktail shaker and shake very well until the martini is chilled throughout (up to 2 minutes).

Step 4

Grab the chilled martini glass from the freezer. Strain your extra dirty martini mixture into the chilled glass.

Step 5

Spear three (or more!) olives onto a bamboo cocktail skewer, and add to glass. Enjoy daaaahling :)

The Amys encourage you to practice good judgment and please drink responsibly.

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