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Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB

Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB is a world-renowned, industry-leading, board-certified veterinary behaviorist. She has owned and operated a multi-location behavior specialty practice in Florida, and has contributed to countless publications, including:

She has served on the Fear Free Executive Board, AAHA Behavior Management Take Force, and the Kindred Biosciences Advisory Council. Dr. Radosta is also the co-founder of Dog Nerds, an online hub for pet owners to obtain educational resources for pet behavior.

Dr. Lisa Radosta has been a leader and expert in companion animal behavior for over 20 years. As a tireless and passionate advocate for companion animals, she has impacted the lives of innumerable animals and their people. Dr. Radosta has made it her life’s work to provide pet parents, pet care professionals, and veterinary healthcare team members with the knowledge and tools to improve the welfare of the animals in their care through her dynamic lectures, online courses and consultation with veterinary clinics to better accommodate, manage, and provide for pets’ psychological and behavioral needs.

She has helped international corporations train their teams to better understand the transform the lives of our pets. As an expert witness, she has fought for the rights of animals and their people. Whether it be in the clinic, on a stage, in the boardroom, or in legal cases, she has improved the lives of countless animals and touched the minds and hearts of people all over the world.

Dr. Radosta offers groundbreaking insight and scientific advancement in veterinary behavior as a keynote speaker, in the courtroom, and as a consultant to veterinary practices. Her past speaking engagements include NVC in Russia, SWVC in San Antonia, VMX, OVMA (Toronto), Austria, AMWQ (Quebec), WVC and CVMA in Cleveland.

She has been interviewed for many publications including Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Palm Beach Post, NAVC Clinician’s Brief, Sun Sentinel, WebMD, AAHA trends, Real Simple, Good News for Pets, Catster, DVM 360 and AAHA News Stat. She has appeared on Lifetime television, Laurie Live, local news in southeast Florida, Mitch Wilder’s Amazing Pet Discoveries, Nat Geo Wild, Animal Planet, Steve Dale’s Pet Talk and Dogs, CNBC and Cats and Scapegoats.

Dr. Radosta is a working mom who seeks to inspire and uplift women. Despite juggling many roles, she remains committed to helping other women achieve their goals.

Learn more about Dr. Radosta’s services as an expert witness, keynote speaker, and clinic consultant.


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