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Kiki & Pigeon

Kiki Yablon, MA, KPA CTP, KPA Faculty, CPDT-KA

Owner, Kiki Yablon Dog Training

Kiki entered the realm of dog training in 2005 as a novice dog guardian with an adolescent shelter dog, Pigeon. She had the good fortune to live next door to a marine mammal trainer at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, who turned her on to clicker training, which in turn led her to her first mentor, Laura Monaco Torelli. After graduating from KPA, she worked for Laura for eight years before moving on to focus on her own private in-home training and consulting business, Kiki Yablon Dog Training. Some of Kiki’s particular training interests include loose leash walking, excessive barking, proactive puppy raising, “weird” problem behaviors, and teaching and problem solving solutions that involve arranging the environment to do most of the work. She has an extensive education history (something we applaud!) including recently completing her Master’s at the University of Kansas. 

Before becoming a dog trainer, Kiki was an editor for magazines and newspapers, and currently puts those skills to use writing about the application of behavior science to dog training on her blog. Kiki lives in Chicago with her husband and their new dog, Finn.


Kiki’s sites and socials:

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